Big Data and Advanced Analytics

We solve business problems with analytical models that make knowledge profitable and optimize digital transformation processes.

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Our Portfolio


Advice on corporate analytics strategies

  • To achieve the benefits of analytics it is necessary to align the company's top management to understand this impact, to commit to it, and to lead this cultural transformation. Strategies, policies, processes, and business models need to be replanted to improve, through analysis, the competitiveness and profitability of the company.

The process of change towards an analytic culture must be managed to ensure its permanence and effectiveness. It is necessary to incorporate this transformation into the company's strategic planning, assign teams and budgets to identify the projects in which analytics achieves the greatest benefits, prioritize them and establish the roadmap for their implementation.

We offer the services of:

  • • Diagnosis of the current state of analytics in the company.
  • • Workshops on the impact of analytics in an organization.
  • • Advice on change management.
  • • Advice and support for the implementation of a Centre of Excellence or Analytical Laboratory.


Enterprise Analytical Architecture

  • Procalidad helps you design the best way to manage your data, including its capture from internal and external sources, its integration and its organization into physical or virtual data warehouses for later analysis and visualization. It also designs the infrastructure for developing Big Data projects.

We offer the services of:

  • • Design and construction of physical and virtual data warehouses.
  • • Ingestion and integration of structured and unstructured data in real-time, near real-time and batch processing in Big Data platforms (Apache / Cloudera / Horton Works / Azure / AWS) using open technologies such as Sqoop, Nifi, Kakfa, and Spark.
  • • Design and implementation of the technical and functional architecture of virtualization and data deployment.
  • • Implementation of ETL / ELT processes.
  • • Cleaning and data quality with ETL / ELT processes
  • • Quality assurance, integrity, traceability and security of data assets through data governance policies and procedures.
  • • Centralized master data management (MDM).


Commercial Analytics

Analytics has an important impact on commercial areas because it allows us to have a comprehensive knowledge of our customers, their degree of satisfaction, their complaints and claims, their needs and preferences, their feelings, their willingness to purchase new products or services, their opinion about the competition and their responses to advertising campaigns.

The integral knowledge of the client allows us to optimize and to personalize all the interactions with him, from the marketing, the sales, the services, the support, that is to say, to manage better the experience of the client.

We build models of:

  • • Customer segmentation.
  • • Customer profitability.
  • • Analysis of acquisition costs of new clients.
  • • Purchase propensity and cross-selling.
  • • Multidimensional sales dashboards.
  • • Dropout (churn).
  • • Campaign effectiveness.
  • • Campaigns factory.
  • • Sales analysis and fulfillment of commercial goals.
  • • Measurement of customer satisfaction.
  • • Measurement of customer feelings.
  • • Suggestions complaints and claims.

Operational Analytics

Analytics allows to radically transform all the processes of an organization, optimizing them and automating them, to obtain considerable savings in its operation. We apply Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence tools to build models that have a great impact on the productivity and profitability of the processes.

We build models of:

  • • Demand forecasting and inventory optimization.
  • • Spend Analysis
  • • Optimization of expenditure.
  • • Prediction of maintenance needs.
  • • Optimization of the logistics chain.
  • • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP).
  • • Reduction of defects, rework, and claims for quality problems.
  • • Optimization of Human Resources.
  • • Variable remuneration (bonuses, commissions).
  • • Optimal geographic location of points of sale or service.
  • • Process automation bots.


Financial Analytics

The Analytics deeply impacts the financial dimension of the company by providing models that show a complete view of the company's financial situation and allow it to simulate scenarios to evaluate the impact of variations of key indicators and events that may affect the business.

These models are of great help for financial planning and to make decisions about project feasibility, adjustments in the different lines of business, the fulfillment of budgets and goals, increase of income, reduction of costs, and optimization of expenses.

We build models of:

  • • Budgets, elaborated in a collaborative, agile, and flexible way.
  • • Consolidation of budgets and corporate financial statements.
  • • Optimization of the collections function.
  • • Revenue assurance.
  • • Financial modeling to evaluate and simulate project profitability.
  • • Risk analysis. Fraud detection. SARLAFT models.
  • • Cash flow optimization.
  • • Automation of periodic report generation.

Data Factory and Microservices in Analytics

We attend the macro and micro needs of the business in the short and medium-term with a very professional team, with diverse capacities and at a low cost. We have people experienced in carrying out complex projects and solving difficult situations, from which we have learned valuable lessons that help us to face new challenges and reduce the time of new developments.

We offer our data factory service with a proven methodology that covers the following steps:

  • • Understanding of the business, its analytical architecture, information sources, and implementation processes.
  • • Sizing the project backlog and estimating the effort and profiles required.
  • • Equipment configuration.
  • • Adaptation to IT processes.
  • • Prioritization of the project backlog.
  • • Negotiation of rules.
  • • Commissioning of the factory.
  • • Results measurement.
  • • Operation and continuous improvement.
  • We also offer our services for the construction of reports and dashboards in different platforms such as Cognos, PowerBi, and Tableau.


Platform Management

We support our clients with services of:

  • BPO, by delegated management: Based on our experience and knowledge, we carry out delegated management of those business processes in which we have strength, with high quality standards, to help you optimize your reliability and operating costs.

Technical Support: we provide technical support for all the tools that make up our portfolio, we do the sizing of hardware and software requirements for their analytical solutions. We do installations, migrations, upgrades and training your staff to get the most out of your technology investment.

E2E Monitoring: we help to monitor applications, infrastructure and networks in order to have visibility of availability, performance, quality,and safety, in real time and regardless of the volume of data.

Automated data capture: We capture data from sensors, devices IoT and any other means of telemetry to integrate them with the analytical models in real time.


Implementing Power BI with Procalidad

  • Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based suite of business intelligence tools that will help you analyze and view data through compelling visualizations and interactive reports. All of your critical applications and databases stream into one dashboard, where you can easily create, update and share powerful reports on any device. Get actionable insights in real-time to give you a competitive advantage.

Our online platform, enable users to:

  • • Scope
  • • Budget
  • • Purchase
  • • Track progress
  • • Receive support
  • • Receive deliverables
  • • Evaluate

We'll design and build reports and dashboards customized to your specific needs. We will assign a consultant to provide guidance and technical support, as well as Power BI best practices, to ensure adoption and insight consumption Our developers will create API connections to your data sources, enabling you to pull data from all relevant sources and create a holistic view of your business.


Financial Planning and Modeling

In today’s challenging and fast-changing economy, organizations are required to be more agile and faster in responding to new threats and market opportunities. We provide a tool that enables organizations to effectively set corporate targets or budgets, with the ability to monitor performance and dynamically update planning assumptions and resource allocations.

  • • Do you want to make an investment and do not know if it will be successful?
  • • Can you model hypothetical scenarios regarding your company's economic situation?
  • • Can you determine the ROI of your projects easily and with sufficient support?

Our models integrate data from:

  • • Income (sales forecast, demand planning, discounts/returns).
  • • Expenses ( administrative expenses by cost center and concept, personnel expenses: planning per person, headcount analysis, benefits, and compensation).
  • • Costs (Material planning, unit cost estimates, direct and indirect costs forecast)
  • • Capex (Asset purchase planning, depreciation).


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